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Attractivepaws™ Nail Trimmer
Attractivepaws™ Nail Trimmer
Attractivepaws™ Nail Trimmer
Attractivepaws™ Nail Trimmer
Attractivepaws™ Nail Trimmer
Attractivepaws™ Nail Trimmer

Attractivepaws™ Nail Trimmer

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If you are a responsible owner, you know how important it is to groom your pet's nails.

⛔ 90% of pet owners injure their pet's trying to use nail clippers because they won't sit still.

Groomers get the job done, but going every month can be very expensive 💸💸💸

What if your pet let you trim their nails?


The AttractivePaws Nail Trimmer was specifically for difficult dogs.


 ULTRA-QUIET AND LOW VIBRATION - The sound is capped at 50dB - which is a light hum. Most of the time, your pet won't even know their nails are being cut.

✅ BUILD TRUST WITH YOUR DOG - There’s a reason your dog doesn’t let you touch their nails 👉 they’re nervous! Once you show them that nail cutting time isn't painful anymore, they'll become easier and easier to deal with.

 USB CHARGING - When fully charged, the AttractivePaws nail trimmer lasts up to 3 hours. Simply plug it in to any usb outlet when you're done to let it charge.

 EASY TO CLEAN - To clean your trimmer, just use a soft wet towel and gently brush away any nail dust.

✅ PAYS FOR ITSELF IN 2 USES Your trimmer will pay for itself within the first two uses. Save yourself a trip to the groomers / vet and safely trim those claws yourself!

 SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS - Our nail trimmer is suitable for cats, small & medium, and large-sized dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and birds. Comes with three different sized openings for different sized nail trimming. Simply choose the opening that works best for your pet!


Step 1: Based on the size and nail shape of your pet, choose the proper nail trimmer openingThe bigger the nail, the bigger the opening you can use. Refer to our sizing chart below.

Step 2: Let your pet sniff the trimmer once while it's off, then again while it's on. Giving them a treat while doing this helps them associate positive emotions while around the trimmer.

Step 3: Once they're curiosity has subsided, gently pick your pet's paws up, distracting them with a treat if you have to, and begin trimming.

Step 4: Once all the paws are complete, gently clean the trimmer's wheel with a cloth to remove any excess nail powder.


1x Pet Nail Grinder 
1x USB Charge Cable
1x Package Box 
1x User Manual

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Never worry about hurting your pet's paws again.